Green Plumbing in Kerrville, TX

Green plumbing is about saving water and energy by updating plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, shower heads, toilets, and hot water heaters, to some that are more environmentally friendly, such as:

Your Kerrville TX Green Plumber

Water is our world’s most precious resource, and proper plumbing service and repair in Kerrville are vital to the ability to contain, clean, circulate, and conserve this essential component of our lives. Water usage is fundamental to our health, hygiene, and comfort, and beyond our personal use it directly affects the use of all other energy sources, from electricity to natural gas. By installing energy efficient plumbing in Kerrville, only heating water that is needed, and turning off the flow of water until you need it, you will greatly reduce your carbon footprint which can save you a lot of money every year on your energy bills.

At Mosty Plumbing, we strive to run our business and to provide services that are based in a green consciousness, both within our company and for our Kerrville, TX community. Our trained and skilled Kerrville plumbers offer important advice to help lower your water use, we can install all energy efficient appliances and fixtures, and will recommend ways for you to save water and money for your home or business without affecting your comfort or disturbing your family's environment. At Mosty Plumbing, we consider our environmental impact from start to finish; from our recycling practices in the shop to our effort to promote the installation of energy efficient devices in and around your home. Mosty Plumbing is a green plumbing company that cares about saving you money on your energy costs and saving the planet's resources as responsible citizens of our community.

Green Plumbing Options:

Water Heaters

With traditional tank type hot water heaters, all of the water held in its capacity is constantly kept heated, wasting a lot of energy, slowing the process of heated water’s flow, and decreasing efficiency.

With tankless water heaters, the water you need is heated on demand by a heat exchanger or copper tube that is heated by a burner. This method is highly efficient, and does not use energy when it is not used. At Mosty Plumbing, we can quickly install a tankless water heater and save your home or business almost half of its water heating bill. We will also send you a reminder every 2 years when your water heater needs to be professionally flushed and cleaned to ensure the quality and efficiency of your hot water heater whether it's the traditional tank type or the high energy efficient tankless water heater.

Water Leaks

Water leaks in and around your home are the ultimate waste of water and money. Water leaks can happen without your direct knowledge in every area of your home and yard, from your toilet refilling all night, to the faucet spout in your bathtub leaking into the tub while you shower. Water leaks can be prevented with the proper installation of energy efficient plumbing materials and routine maintenance, and should be repaired immediately if detected.


Let Mosty Plumbing install a Low Flow or Dual Flow toilet to save you water and money year! Low flow toilets save up to 70% of water with one powerful flush compared to older models. Dual flush toilets allow you to choose the amount of water needed to dispose of waste. While installing a new toilet is an initial investment, these green models will save thousands of gallons and dollars for their owners every year. Mosty Plumbing can install a top of the line low flow or dual flow toilet with minimal impact on your home or business. Let Mosty Plumbing help you be a part of this resource saving green effort!


Installing a high quality flow restrictor or new low flow showerhead can save many gallons of water for each shower without compromising your desired water pressure. Flow rate restrictors can be easily fit onto your existing showerhead, or our Kerrville plumbers can replace your showerhead with an environmentally sensitive showerhead that provides strong water pressure with minimum water waste.

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